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Owner/ Instructor

Meet Tammy! She is the proud owner of Northbound Fitness. She is an ISSA certified Health Coach, Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, Nutritionist and a Certified Rebound Instructor for Kangoo Jumps. She is a happily married Mother of 3,Grandma of 5 and a 4th generation Willow Billy. She Loves all outdoor activity. She raced Snow machines for 12 years and has always had a passion for Fitness. She will have you laughing, smiling and feeling like a million bucks when you leave her classes. She also offers personal training. Tammy is excited to serve the community where she was born and raised!


Strength training/Personal trainer

Meet Ben!  Ben started out his fitness journey by competing in Strongman, a sport in which competitors are tested for their pure strength, using a variety of different tasks.

Ben has experience working with people of all skill levels.  He enjoys coaching people on safe weight loss techniques, improving cardiovascular endurance, enhancing speed and agility, building lean healthy muscles, helping prepare athletes for powerlifting shows or to compete in their own Strongman competitions. Ben’s goal is truly to help others achieve the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Ben will be bringing a dynamic and advanced level of fitness to our studio.


Vinyasa Yoga

Meet Chanel! She is a 200-hour registered Vinyasa yoga Intructor. Her classes are for all skill level. Come as you are! Chanel has a background with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is an Alaska licensed Realtor. Chanel uses her experience as a physical therapist to provide yoga that is rooted to create proper alignment and ideal body mechanics throughout each pose. this will keep you safe and give your muscles the best stretch possible. Chanel strives to have you leave your mat not only feeling physically amazing, but to provide you with a practice that enhances mental clarity, calmness,and reduces stress. Chanel has a true passion for making people happy and smile. Be prepared to feel inspired, encouraged and laugh a little too. Come Flow with us.



Meet Dorys! She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She likes peanut butter on her pancakes and ketchup on fried rice and eggs. She Runs, Skis & lifts, because she likes to bake her cakes and eat them too, who says you can't do both? She is a proud owner of AKtivate AK and is ecstatic to be able to provide personal training, development and group fitness to our community.


Studio Greeter

Meet Milo, he is the studio greeter and assistant Instructor. He will greet you and love you and even help you with your form and add a little resistance to your training. He looks forward to giving you some puppy snugs.


Gentle Yoga/Stretch​​

Meet Nancy! She is a Willow resident snowbird who is sweet as Apple pie! She's an active lady, who loves hiking,kayaking, strolling and staying active with her friends and community! She has studied yoga for many years and cannot wait to share her class and joy with us!

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